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What to see in Munich

One question I get asked frequently is what to see in Munich?

Here is a rough map of downtown Munich.
(click on image for large view)
Here is the map of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines in Munich.
(click on image for larger, clearer view)
Six of the eight S-Bahn lines (S1-S4, S6-S7, there is no S5) run through one busy tunnel under downtown Munich, from the Hauptbahnhof to Ost Bahnhof. Marienplatz is a major stop between the Hbf and Ost Bhf. Tickets: If you make just one round trip with Einzelfahrkarten (single trip tickets), you might as well use a Tageskarte (all-day pass).

Prices (Tagenkarten)
(2-5 people)
(white inner zone)
München XXL
(white and green, inner 2 zones)
(entire MVV, all 4 zones)
MVV Tageskarten cover on/off travel using all modes of transport (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Trams, and Buses) in the designated zones.

Places to stay in Munich: I always stay in a hotel in the eastern suburbs (EZ €54 Ü/F), but they only speak German and don't want guest who can't. Here is a list of places recommended by others on Rick Steve's Grafitti Wall. I've never actually tried any of them.

Near the Munich Hauptbahnhof:
Hotel Royal
Hotel Uhland
Near Marienplatz:
Hotel Blauer Bock
Hotel am Viktualienmarkt
Hotel Münchner Kindl
Various places:
Seibel Hotels
Laimerhof *
(I normally would not display a hotel that did not include breakfast, but their rates are otherwise pretty good.)

Freising: Freising is a town near (about 20 minutes away by bus) the Munich airport. It's only 20 minutes closer than the S-Bahn from town, but at that time of the morning, every minute counts. That's where I recommend people to stay when they have an early flight out of MUC in the morning. I stayed there last year when I had a 9:30 flight out.
Gästehaus Knoth
* Warning: any hotel marked with * does not include breakfast with the room, so the rates are not as favorable as they appear.