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InterCityExpress (ICE) in the station at Stuttgart

Trains in Germany are fast, efficient, and convenient. Train travel in Germany can be relatively inexpensive if you know the tricks. I have been studing the German Rail system for over eight years, and I have discovered some of the ways to keep costs down. I created this website to share this information with you.

I've divided this website into three main areas. The first is Deutsche Bahn or German Rail, the company that runs the long-distance trains, the Fernverkehr (in German), oversees the operation of the regional trains, and puts up the German Rail website, I'll tell you about some of the cost saving offers of German Rail and how to use the website to get schedules and fares.

The second part is devoted to regional transportation, the Nahverkehr. These are by Länder. Land [pronounced "Lant"] is the German word for state; Länder ["Laender"] is the plural. I have a page with a Summary of Länder-Tickets, the conditions and prices, by Land, as well as a map with links to pages of information about local transit by Land.

The third part is Frequently asked Questions (FAQs), like "How do I use the ticket automats in German?" or "How do I get from FRA to Munich for the least money?".