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Berlin and Brandenburg

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Länder: Brandenburg, Berlin

The entire state (Land) of Brandenburg is one Verkehrsverbund, the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB), and includes the city-state of Berlin. The state of Brandenburg also includes the city of Brandenburg an der Havel.

Pass: The Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket is for 2-5 people and covers travel in the city of Berlin and the state of Brandenburg, workdays from 9 AM until 3 AM the following morning, from midnight weekend days. It includes all regional trains and local transport in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as some long distance train and some rail lines outside of Brandenburg in Mecklenburg, Sachsen, Sachson-Anhalt, and Poland. There is also a VBB overall network day ticket (Gesamtnetz Tageskarte) for a single person. It covers all transport of the VBB, but as far as I can ascertain, nothing outside Brandenburg.

Price: Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket, €27. VBB Gesamtnetz Tageskarte, €19.

Here is the fare map of the VBB. The cities, Berlin, Brandenburg an der Havel (1), Potsdam (2), Frankfurt am Oder (3), and Cottbus (4), consist of two concentric zones, A and B, plus a suburban zone, C (note that Potsdam, zones A, B, and C are entirely within Berlin zone C). Fares are assigned to the inner zones, A and B, the outer zones, B and C, or all three zones, A, B, and C. Outside the cities, fares are determined by how many of the Waben you traverse or how many km you travel.
Single trip adult fare, Euro
Berlin Brandenburg a.d.H.
Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder)

Rural, zones
up to 25 km7,60
25-35 km10,20