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Land: Baden-Württemberg

Website: (German only)

Land Ticket: Baden-Württemberg-Ticket
Price: €29 for 2-5 people, €21 for single person.

See website for a list of track stretches outside of B-W on which the pass is valid. These include from the Swiss border to Basel Badischer Bahnhof and Basel SBB Bahnhof as well as the border with Bavaria into Würzburg, but not the local transit with Basel or Würzburg. It also includes the stretch that goes down the left bank of the Rhein from Karsruhe via Wörth, Germersheim, and Lugwigshafen, to Mannheim, the stretch from Wangen into Lindau, and from Pflaumloch to Nördlingen. That page will also tell you the Verkehrsverbünde that accept the pass. For the Karlsruhe district (KVV), the Rhein-Neckar district (VRN), and the Donau-Iller District (DING), it is valid for the part of the district within B-W.

Link to map of pass validity: (Click on "Streckennetz Baden-Württemberg" at bottom of page.)


These are some of the more important transit districts in Baden-Württemberg. Map of Verkehrsverbünde in Baden-Württemberg

Rhein-Neckar (VRN)

The Verkehrsverbund-Rhein-Neckar is one of the largest tariff districts in Germany, spanning Rheinland-Pfalz from west of Kaiserslautern to Baden-Württemberg to the border with Bavaria, and even includes regional trains into Würzburg (Bavaria) as a transition area. (No English except timetable info)

Map:System map

Fares: The VRN tariff district is divided into multiple honeycomp cells (Waben). The price level (Preisstufe) of your ticket depends on through how many cells you pass. A trip from Kaiserslautern to Mannheim, for example, is a Preisstufe 4. Day tickets, Ticket 24 (1 pers) or Ticket 24 Plus (2-5 pp), are valid for 24 hours from time of cancellation (entwerten). On weekends they are valid from the time of cancellation on Sat (or Sun) until 3 AM on the next following workday.

PreisstufeSingle RideTicket 24Ticket 24 Plus
0 - 3up to €3,30€5,00€8,00
4 - 5up to €5,50€8,00€12,50
allup to €7,20€12,00€17,50

Click here for more on the Verkehrverbünde in Baden-Württemberg.